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Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery

Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery

Volume 2 - Cerebrovascular Lesions


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783131111029
Publication Date: October 1996

Refinements in the neurosurgical armamentarium continue to push the
borders of neurosurgery forward. Lesions considered inoperable a few years ago
can now be resected, especially in the region of the skull base. These new
developments, plus rapid technological innovations in microneurosurgery, have
dramatically altered the scope of modern neurosurgery.

Now, with Volume 2 of the
acclaimed Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery, the distinguished authors provide
detailed descriptions of surgical anatomy and the major neurosurgical approaches
to cerebrovascular lesions. You will find coverage of aneurysms, arteriovenuous
malformations, cerebrovascular malformations, and vascular compression- all
derived from a wide range of etiologies. Divided into three sections on anatomy,
surgical approaches, and underlying pathology, the book demonstrates the most
innovative new techniques, procedures and approaches as performed in hundreds of
clinical cases. The result is the most detailed and comprehensive
microneurosurgical atlas ever compiled, an ideal reference for practicing
neurosurgeons and residents-in-training.

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