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Breast MRI Interpretation

Breast MRI Interpretation

Text and Online Case Analysis for Screening and Diagnosis


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626234673
Publication Date: March 2020

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State-of-the-art resource details effective breast MRI techniques for improved screening and diagnosis

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast has evolved into an important breast cancer screening tool and major advance in women's health. Breast MRI is currently the most sensitive detection technique for both non-invasive and invasive cancers and follow-up in women with a new breast cancer diagnosis. It is increasingly becoming the go-to imaging method for screening women at high and intermediate risk of breast cancer and those with dense breast tissue on mammography. Yet despite its reliability and growing use, many radiologists lack the expertise to accurately perform breast MR image interpretation.

Breast MRI Interpretation: Text and Online Case Analysis for Screening and Diagnosis by Gillian Newstead reflects insights and expertise from one of the leading authorities on breast imaging. The book is a highly practical reference on evaluation and interpretation of breast MR imaging, with discussion of the modality as a screening and diagnostic tool. Topics include image acquisition and interpretation, clinical implementation, managing findings, and overcoming problems.

Key Highlights

  • More than 1,800 illustrations from the University of Chicago including single selected images, side-by-side images at different time points and acquisition parameters, and 3-D images enhance understanding of breast imaging
  • Select online case studies enable readers to review and interpret entire MRI datasets
  • Discussion of advanced acquisition techniques and future potential applications including non-contrast imaging, quantitative dynamic imaging, and artificial intelligence using advanced computer analytic methods

This remarkable resource streamlines the breast MRI process, enabling radiologists to incorporate this imaging modality into practice, conduct screening and diagnostic exams more efficaciously, and interpret findings accurately.

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Chapter 1. Overview of Breast MRI
Chapter 2. Who should be screened?
Chapter 3. Screening MRI: DCE-MRI Methods
Chapter 4. Screening MRI: Clinical Implementation
Chapter 5. Diagnostic MRI: Imaging Protocols and Technical Considerations
Chapter 6. Diagnostic MRI Interpretation
Chapter 7. Image Interpretation: Non-invasive Cancer
Chapter 8. Image Interpretation: Invasive Cancer
Chapter 9. Management of Findings Initially Detected at MRI
Chapter 10. Diagnostic MRI: Breast Cancer Applications
Chapter 11. Advanced Breast MRI Techniques
Chapter 12. Semi-quantitative and Quantitative Analysis of Breast DCE-MRI
Chapter 13: Future Applications: Radiomics and Deep Learning on Breast MRI

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