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Authored by renowned UEFA medical specialists in the medical care of football players, this three-volume series —sourced from the course materials used in UEFA's Doctor Education Program— aims to familiarize clinicians with a structured system of assessment and care in dealing with the wide variety of injuries that can afflict professional footballers.

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Volume 1: Trauma & Medical Emergencies

Volume 1 instructs on advanced techniques for managing the treatment of serious and life-threatening on-field injury.


Volume 2: Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Volume 2 introduces football doctors to the specific types of injuries that may occur, and the mechanisms of injury, with a wealth of information supported by scientific evidence.


Volume 3: Protecting The Player

Volume 3 covers a range of multidisciplinary topics that aim to ensure that players can compete safely and maintain peak fitness and performance, while preventing disabling injuries insofar as possible.


The Encyclopedia of Football Medicine will be essential reading for physicians working for football teams, orthopaedists, sports medicine physicians, and specialized physical therapists.