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Textbook of Integrative Mental Health Care


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781588902993
Publication Date: October 2006

An integrative approach to modern mental healthcare

Textbook of Integrative Mental Health Care is the first book to present a comprehensive framework of conceptual information and clinical guidelines for the integrative assessment and treatment of common mental illnesses.

Complete coverage of the conceptual foundations of integrative mental health care allows the practitioner to gain a firm understanding of the philosophy and clinical methodology of integrative medicine. The textbook also describes evidence-based paradigms that enable the practitioner to develop assessment techniques and individualized treatment plans that address the unique needs of each patient.


  • Extensive evidence tables summarize assessment and treatment approaches
  • Easy-to-follow algorithms guide the practitioner step-by-step from initial assessment to treatment planning
  • Case vignettes describe intake, assessment and initial formulation, treatment plan, and follow-up

This textbook will help psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health care professionals develop safe and effective integrative approaches for the evaluation and treatment of emotional and mental problems.

Ch.1: The Book in Overview
Part I: Foundations of Integrative Mental Health Care
Ch.2: The Evolution Of Integrative Medicine And Implications For Mental Health Care
Ch.3: Philosophical Problems
Ch.4: Paradigms In Medicine, Psychiatry And Integrative Medicine
Ch.5: Foundations Of Clinical Methodology In Integrative Medicine
Ch.6: History-Taking, Assessment And Formulation In Integrative Mental Health Care
Ch.7: Starting And Maintaining Integrative Treatment In Mental Health Care
Part II: Integrative Approaches to Evaluation and Treatment of Mental and Emotional Symptoms
Ch.8: Introduction To Part II: Symptom-Focused Integrative Mental Health Care
Ch.9: Depressed Mood
Ch.10: The Integrative Management Of Mania And Cyclic Mood Changes
Ch.11: Anxiety
Ch.12: Psychosis
Ch.13: Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment
Ch.14: Substance abuse and dependence
Ch.15: Disturbances of Sleep and Wakefulness
Appendix A
Appendix B

"This text offers an evidence-based approach to incorporating integrative psychiatry into practice that is pragmatic and useful, a great addition to the field of integrative medicine." -- Roberta Lee, MD, Medical Director, Continuum Center for Health and Healing

"Dr. Lake must be congratulated for this ground-breaking work on CAM in psychiatry. It not only provides a conceptual framework for a deeper understanding of "disease" of the mind-body-spirit, but also gives evidence-based blueprints for where we are and where we could go. A must read for mental health professionals interested in the philosophy and practice of integrative psychiatry." -- Richard P. Brown, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

Very well organized..easy to access. The references are current and the index is excellent...a broad introduction. The author also provides a refreshingly personalized perspective on abundance of useful information.--Doody's Book Reviews

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