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Histology - An Essential Textbook


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781626234130
Publication Date: February 2020

Learn to identify histological structures and their correlated functions!

Histology: An Essential Textbook is a concise, multimedia study guide for medical students who need to learn the functions and related correlations of cells, tissues, and organs of the human body. Professor D.J. Lowrie, Jr. has written a unique and practical medical histology resource based on self-directed modules originally created to replace live histology laboratory sessions. This resource will help medical students learn how to identify histological structures on slide preparations and electron micrographs. Short videos by the author, who demonstrates structures via digitized histology slides, provide additional guidance.

Shorter, targeted concepts and brief explanations accompanied by numerous illustrations, self-assessment quizzes, and videos demonstrating key features of histological structures set this resource apart from existing, text-dense books.

Key Features

  • Nearly 850 images, consisting primarily of electron and light micrographs, aid in identification of histological structures and long-term retention
  • Correlation of histological structure with other basic science disciplines, such as gross anatomy, embryology, and pathology allows students to integrate material effectively
  • Over 1000 online multiple choice questions and answers mirror exam topics students frequently encounter in curriculum and the USMLE®
  • Nearly 375 videos provide a personal tutor that teaches students histological structures, while providing tips for proper identification

This is a must-have self-study guide for medical students, as well as a stellar teaching tool for instructors.

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1 An Introduction to Microscopy and the Cell
2 The Nucleus
3 The Cytoplasm
4 Epithelial Classification
5 Epithelial Specializations
6 Epithelia: Glands
7 Connective Tissue Overview
8 Generic Connective Tissues
9 Adipose Tissue
10 Cartilage
11 Bone Histology
12 Bone Development
13 Skeletal Muscle
14 Cardiac and Smooth Muscle
15 Neural Tissue
16 Cardiovascular Overview
17 Blood
18 Hematopoiesis Overview
19 Hematopoiesis: White Blood Cells and Platelets
20 Hematopoiesis: Red Blood Cells
21 Blood Cell Production: Bone Marrow and Thymus
22 Diffuse Lymphoid Tissue
23 Lymph Nodes
24 Spleen
25 Vessels
26 Heart
27 Integument
28 Overview of the Gastrointestinal System
29 Intestines
30 Oral Cavity, Tongue, and Salivary Glands
31 Pharynx, Esophagus, and Stomach
32 Pancreas
33 Liver and Gallbladder
34 Overview of the Kidney
35 Tubules of the Kidney
36 Corpuscle of the Kidney
37 Extrarenal Excretory Passages
38 Upper Respiratory System
39 Lungs
40 Pituitary Gland
41 Adrenal Gland
42 Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
43 Testes and Genital Ducts
44 Male Accessory Structures and the Penis
45 Ovary
46 Uterine Tubes, Uterus, and Vagina
47 Mammary Gland
48 Placenta and Umbilical Cord

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