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Handbook of Pediatric Neurosurgery


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781604068795
Publication Date: April 2018

An essential backpack-size resource on the treatment of pediatric neurological conditions

Pediatric neurosurgery has witnessed considerable technological advances, resulting in more efficacious outcomes for young patients with hydrocephalus, epilepsy, brain tumors, spinal deformities, and a host of other conditions. The art of pediatric neurosurgery is a delicate balancing act—taking into account child and parents and emotional and disease challenges. As such, the management of serious neurological conditions in pediatric patients must encompass the big picture in addition to treating underlying pathologies.

Handbook of Pediatric Neurosurgery by George Jallo, Karl Kothbauer, and Violette Recinos covers the full depth and breadth of this uniquely rewarding subspecialty including congenital, developmental, and acquired disorders. The latest information is provided on anatomy, radiological imaging, and principles guiding the surgical and nonsurgical management of a full spectrum of neurological pathologies impacting infants and children. The book is divided into 11 sections and 56 chapters with state-of-the-art procedures, best practices, and clinical pearls from top pediatric neurosurgeons.

Key Features

  • Cranial disorders including Chiari malformations, encephaloceles, Dandy-Walker malformation, and craniosynostosis
  • Benign and malignant tumors—from the hypothalamus and optic pathways to the brainstem and spinal column
  • Spinal abnormalities such as spina bifida, tethered cord, and scoliosis
  • Clinical questions and answers at the end of chapters—ideal for self-testing and exam prep

Comprehensive and compact, this is the perfect backpack reference for neurosurgery residents and pediatric neurosurgery fellows to carry on rounds. It is also a must-have resource for seasoned pediatric neurosurgeons and all practitioners entrusted with the neurological care of pediatric patients.


    Section I General and Critical Care

  1. ICP Management
  2. Pain Management for Pediatric Neurosurgical Patients
  3. Section II Neuroradiology

  4. Conventional Radiography
  5. Ultrasonography
  6. Computed Tomography
  7. Conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  8. Advanced MRI Techniques
  9. Section III Neurology

  10. The Neurological Examination of the Infant and Child
  11. Spinal Cord Tracts and Development
  12. Migration Disorders
  13. Neurofibromatosis Type 1
  14. Medical Management for Epilepsy
  15. Section IV Tumor

  16. Pediatric Scalp and Skull Lesions
  17. Supratentorial Tumors
  18. Hypothalamic and Optic Pathway Tumors
  19. Craniopharyngiomas and Other Sellar Tumors
  20. Germ Cell Tumors
  21. Pineal Region Tumors
  22. Intraventricular Tumors in Children
  23. Posterior Fossa Tumors
  24. Brainstem Gliomas
  25. Intramedullary Spinal Cord Tumors
  26. Tumors of the Spinal Column
  27. Section V Cerebrovascular Disorders

  28. Aneurysms
  29. Arteriovenous Malformations
  30. Pediatric Cavernous Malformations
  31. Section VI Developmental and Congenital Cranial Disorders

  32. Chiari Malformations
  33. Encephaloceles
  34. Congenital Arachnoid Cysts
  35. Neuroenteric Cysts
  36. Intracranial Lipomas
  37. The Dandy–Walker Malformation: Disorders of Cerebellar Development and Their Management
  38. Craniosynostosis
  39. Management of Craniofacial Syndromes
  40. Germinal Matrix Hemorrhage in Premature Infants
  41. Surgical Management of Hydrocephalus
  42. Treatment of Hydrocephalus in the Developing World
  43. Section VII Developmental and Congential Spinal Disorders

  44. Abnormalities of the Craniocervical Junction and Cervical Spine
  45. Spina Bifida: Classification and Management
  46. Pathophysiology and Management of Tethered Cord (Including Myelomeningocele)
  47. Intraspinal Lipomas
  48. Scoliosis
  49. Achondroplasia
  50. Section VIII Functional Disorders

  51. The Evaluation and Classification of Epilepsy
  52. Surgical Management of Childhood Epilepsy: Temporal and Extratemporal Pathologies
  53. Surgical Management of Childhood Epilepsy: Corpus Callosotomy and Vagal Nerve Stimulation
  54. Surgical Management of Pediatric Spasticity
  55. Section IX Trauma

  56. Neonatal Brachial Plexus Injury
  57. Pediatric Spine Trauma
  58. Pediatric Peripheral Nervous System Trauma
  59. Management of Pediatric Head Trauma
  60. Abusive Head Trauma
  61. Section X Infections

  62. Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Intracranial Infections
  63. Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Spinal Infections
  64. Surgical Considerations in Tuberculosis, Fungal, and Parasitic Infections of CNS in Children
  65. Section XI Operating Room Basics

  66. Neuronavigation in Pediatric Neurosurgery
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