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Aging Men's Health

Aging Men's Health

A Case-Based Approach


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781588902962
Publication Date: April 2005

Edited by
Robert S. Tan

A complete reference on common health concerns for the aging man

The global population is aging, and this important text explores the common health concerns that accompany male aging, particularly the effects of declining testosterone levels, or andropause. Aging Men's Health is the first and only book to comprehensively review this topic.

Using a case-based approach with supporting evidence, the book examines treatment for the biological and physiological changes that stem from a wide range of age-related problems associated with androgen deficiency. You will read about such topics as erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, growth hormone replacement for aging men, nutriceuticals, hypogonadism, and much more. Findings cited from recent literature ensure reliable analysis in every chapter, and 100 charts and graphs clarify research and key points.

The clinical implications of male aging extend into many disciplines--orthopedics, urology, endocrinology, cardiology, and others. Appropriate treatment and care are crucial. Highly informative and authoritative, this concise reference is a must for all practitioners treating the aging male patient.

1. Preventive Gerontology in Men's Health: Optimal Aging Concepts for Midlife and Beyond
2. Delaying Aging for Men: Longevity Lessons from Women
3. Diagnostic Concerns and Evaluation of the Andropause in Aging Males
4. Laboratory Assessments: Implications in Diagnostics for the Andropause
5. Androgens and Sexuality in Aging Men
6. Depression in Aging Men: Are There Unique Gender-Based Therapies?
7. Alzheimer's Disease in Older Men: Are There Gender-Specific Etiological Issues and Treatments?
8. The Effects of Aging, Hypogonadism, and Nutrition on Endurance and Strength
9. Osteoporosis in Aging Men
10. Effect of Androgens on Muscle, Bone, and Hair in Men
11. Obesity in Aging Men and the Androgen Relationship
12. Arthritis in Aging Men
13. Cardiovascular Heart Disease in Older Men and the Role of Androgens
14. An Overview of Erectile Dysfunction in Aging Men
15. Depression, Erectile Dysfunction, and Coronary Heart Disease: An Interlinked Syndrome in Men
16. Premature or Rapid Ejaculation: A Neurobiological Approach to Management
17. Prostate Cancer: Controversies and Developments in Screening and Treatments
18. Growth Hormone Replacement in Aging Men
19. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement with Testosterone in Men
20. Nutraceuticals as Preventive Medicine in Aging Men's Health

"A very practical, case oriented book. . .a wealth of advice and guidance. . .gerontologists will appreciate the chapter on the real role of prevention, urologists will find the latest research on many topics making up a large part of their practice, cardiologists will enjoy the excellent description of the role of androgen deficiency in heart disease, and psychiatrists will be equally fascinated by the many insights given into major conditions they treat. . .an impressive array of human evidence. . .a stimulating book with many throught-provoking ideas.'' --Malcolm Carruthers, MD, FRCPath., MRCGP, Chairman, Andropause Society, London, UK

"The breadth of topics related to testosterone physiology in older men covered here stands out...nicely presents the interplay of testosterone physiology and comorbid conditions and the physiology of aging."--Doody's Book Reviews

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