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Anatomy - An Essential Textbook


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781684202591
Publication Date: July 2021

Written by
Anne M Gilroy
Illustrated by
Markus Voll
Karl H. Wesker

Third edition of acclaimed, richly illustrated textbook is the definitive resource for learning challenging anatomy!

While the relevance of anatomy to medical diagnosis and treatment continually evolves, anatomical knowledge will always be instrumental to effective treatment of patients. Building on the tradition of the highly acclaimed prior editions, Anatomy: An Essential Textbook, Third Edition by Anne M. Gilroy features new learning components that leverage the Thieme companion, Atlas of Anatomy, Fourth Edition. Concise, bulleted text paired with large, detailed anatomic figures enhance visual learning and retention of knowledge.

Organized by eight units, the book starts with basic concepts and a general overview of anatomic systems. Subsequent units focused on regional anatomy cover the Back, Thorax, Abdominal Wall and Inguinal Region, Pelvis and Perineum, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, and Head and Neck. Each unit includes a chapter on the practical application of regional imaging and extensive question sets with detailed explanations. A new ordering of chapters now mirrors the revised organization of the Atlas and sequence of dissections in most gross anatomy programs.

  • More than 100 new images, updated illustrations, and revised versions of all autonomic schematics enhance understanding of anatomy
  • New topics in clinical and developmental anatomy addressed throughout include clinically important vascular anastomoses, spinal cord development, and common anatomic anomalies
  • Matching colored side tabs allow quick access to similar units in both books
  • Over 50 of the new and previously included clinical and developmental correlations now feature descriptive images, radiographs, or schematics
  • Self-testing sections in each unit have been expanded with over 40 new USMLE-style question sets with detailed explanations

This is the quintessential resource for medical students to build anatomy knowledge and confidence as they progress in their medical careers.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

I Introduction to Anatomic Systems and Terminology
1 Introduction to Anatomic Systems and Terminology
2 Clinical Imaging Basics Introduction
Review Questions: Introduction
II Back
3 Back
4 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Spine
Review Questions: Back
III Thorax
5 Overview of the Thorax
6 Thoracic Wall
7 Mediastinum
8 Pulmonary Cavities
9 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Thorax
Review Questions: Thorax
IV Abdomen
10 The Abdominal Wall and Inguinal Region
11 The Peritoneal Cavity and Neurovasculature of the Abdomen
12 Abdominal Viscera
13 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Abdomen
Review Questions: Abdomen
V Pelvis and Perineum
14 Overview of the Pelvis and Perineum
15 Pelvic Viscera
16 The Perineum
17 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Pelvis and Perineum
Review Questions: Pelvis and Perineum
VI Upper Limb
18 Overview of the Upper Limb
19 Functional Anatomy of the Upper Limb
20 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Upper Limb
Review Questions: Upper Limb
VII Lower Limb
21 Overview of the Lower Limb
22 Functional Anatomy of the Lower Limb
23 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Lower Limb
Review Questions: Lower Limb
VIII Head and Neck
24 Overview of the Head and Neck
25 The Neck
26 Meninges, Brain, and Cranial Nerves
27 Anterior, Lateral, and Deep Regions of the Head
28 The Eye and Ear
29 Clinical Imaging Basics of the Head and Neck
Review Questions: Head and Neck

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