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AOSpine Master Series, Vol. 4: Adult Spinal Deformities


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626231009
Publication Date: June 2015

An expert reference on the management of adult spinal deformities

In this fourth volume of the AOSpine Masters Series experts from around the world share their strategies for managing the most common adult spinal deformities. This book gives clinicians the guidance they need to make the right treatment decisions and provide the best care for their patients. Chapter topics include osteotomies for rigid spinal deformities, postoperative coronal decompensation in adult deformity, and biomechanics and material science for deformity correction.

Key Features:

  • The issues of patient selection, outcomes, and complications along with all the essential preoperative and intraoperative factors are discussed in detail in every chapter
  • Editors are internationally recognized authorities on the management of adult spinal deformities
  • Each chapter includes expert tips and pearls

The AOSpine Masters Series, a co-publication of Thieme and AOSpine, a Clinical Division of the AO Foundation, addresses current clinical issues whereby international masters of spine share their expertise and recommendations on a particular topic. The goal of the series is to contribute to an evolving, dynamic model of an evidence-based medicine approach to spine care.

All spine surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons, along with residents and fellows in these areas, will find this book to be an excellent reference that they will consult often.

Overall, this text is very well written, succinct, and extremely high yield, driven by both evidence-based data and surgeon experience. No matter what one's level of experience, this book can provide meaningful and well thought out advice... -- Neurosurgery

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