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Atlas of Microsurgery of the Lateral Skull Base


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783131010926
Publication Date: September 2007

In this completely revised and enlarged new edition, Professor Sanna and his team provide systematic demonstrations of the major lateral skull base approaches, drawing from 20 years of experience of the eminent Gruppo Otologico located in Piacenza, Italy.

Key features:

  • Introductory chapters on the general principles, instrumentation, and special considerations that characterize this type of surgery
  • Discussion of the radiology of skull base lesions as it relates to surgery, with particular emphasis on findings that can influence the choice of surgical approach, alter the course of surgery, or affect the prognosis
  • Actual demonstrations of the anatomy seen during the different surgical approach -- standard anatomy textbooks fail to address this issue
  • For each approach, step-by-step descriptions of the surgical technique and numerous clinical cases representing the most commonly encountered lesions so that the reader receives a comprehensive understanding of how to perform the approach and what to expect during surgery
  • Pearls and Pitfalls at the end of most chapters gathered from the vast number of cases managed throughout the years by the authors and included to help others avoid mistakes
  • Over 1300 superb and instructive illustrations consisting of photographs of live surgery and cadaver dissections, radiologic images, and drawings

This essential text also covers other must-know, highly advanced topics, including:

  • Combined approaches providing the necessary route to manage certain extensive skull base tumors that represent particular challenges
  • Management strategies for different skull base lesions (e.g., surgical vs. nonsurgical management, the different factors that determine the choice of the surgical approach, cases that are managed conservatively or with radiosurgery)
  • Management of the internal carotid artery in skull base surgery, including the new technique of using stents to facilitate tumor dissection from the internal carotid artery

This outstanding surgical atlas is invaluable for any surgeon who seeks not only to master the different surgical approaches but also to grasp the real essence of skull base surgery.

Dr. Sanna is part of The Grupppo Otologico, a world-renowned specialist center for the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, skull base, facial nerve, head and neck, and paranasal sinuses. More information is available on the group's website,

"This beautiful atlas reflects the collaberative effort of the neurotologist, the neurosurgeon, and the neuroradiologist and embodies the philosophy of this preeminent Italian group towards the management of complex lesions of the lateral skull base...Each chapter...has an important subheading on pearls and pitfalls," which is illuminating and particularly useful...The chapter on decision making is a must-read..The Atlas is a reliable map of the lateral skull base and is profusely illustrated with surgical color photographs. The authords have made a valiant effort to pack as much information as possible into a book that runs 391 pages. They have all practitioners of skull base surgery. For one starting out in the field, it will help crystalize fundamental concepts, and for the expert, it will help underscore that which is important."--Otology & Neurotology

"This atlas is probably the only available oeuvre covering the whole width of surgical aspects of the lateral skull base in such detail and comprehensiveness." Central European Neurosurgery

"This is the second edition of the masterpiece book of Mario Sanna and his co-workers of the Piacenza team. Based on more than 20 years of surgical experience, this publication delivers a step-by-step precise description of different operative procedures that have to be performed in anatomically complex regions. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the operative choice and decision making, how to perform the surgical approach and the tips and pitfalls for each of them. Superb intraoperative pictures, excellent drawings and correlations with CT and MRI images...Recommended for surgeons who already have an experience in otology and microsurgery."-- B-ENT

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