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Audiology Practice Management


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626232549
Publication Date: March 2019

Edited by
Brian Taylor

Find Success in Practice as an Audiologist!

Audiology Practice Management, Third Edition by Brian Taylor, provides new and established audiologists with everything they need to know about running a practice in the 21st century. This new edition offers expert approaches to starting and maintaining a practice in audiology - from technical, legal, and financial daily operations - to new issues like HIPAA compliance, social media considerations, and marketing strategies in the digital age.

Readers will benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of audiologists and assorted industry experts who share pearls, controversies, and tips on a wide range of topics, including areas of practice not commonly seen in textbooks. Six new chapters cover key topics including basic management principles, clinical education, pricing strategies, entrepreneurial skills, changes in healthcare documentation, and valuation and exit strategy.

Key Features

  • The financial aspects of audiology including accounting, coding, reimbursement, and competitive pricing
  • The delivery of optimal, patient-centered services with discussion of quality improvement, staffing, infection control, and improved amplification acceptance rates
  • A clinical process perspective on changes in healthcare documentation and how to use SOAP notes
  • Best practices - from credentialing and contracting - to sales and marketing strategies
  • Full color figures, flowcharts, and textboxes

This title is part of a three-volume set on Audiology (Diagnosis, Treatment, and Practice Management). Together, these books cover every aspect of audiology, providing a remarkably comprehensive resource - essential reading for doctoral students in audiology and must-have bookshelf references for audiologists.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

Section I. Core Principles
1 Basic Management Principles for Audiologists
2 An Introduction to Business Analytics, Administration, and Ethics
3 Human Resources
4 Accounting for Audiologists
5 Quality Improvement: The Controlling Principle of Practice Management
6 Clinical Education in Audiology
7 Clinical Report Writing Using SOAP Notes
8 Infection Control

Section II. Practical Applications
9 Credentialing, Contracting, Coding, and Payment
10 Pricing Strategies in Clinical Practice
11 Entrepreneurial Audiology: Sales and Marketing Strategies in the Consumer-Driven Health Care Era
12 Improving the Acceptance Rate of Amplification: A Benefit to Patients and Practices
13 Changes in Health Care Documentation: A Clinical Process Perspective
14 Valuation and Exit Strategy

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