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Pediatric Audiology

Diagnosis, Technology, and Management


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626234017
Publication Date: February 2019

The definitive educational resource on the clinical management of hearing disorders in children

Pediatric Audiology: Diagnosis, Technology, and Management, Third Edition is fully updated with cutting edge topics reflecting the latest advances in the field. New chapters include hearing and vestibular issues in children, state-of-the-art testing methods for neonates, and longitudinal studies on cochlear implant technology. Renowned experts Jane R. Madell, Carol Flexer and rising stars Jace Wolfe and Erin C. Schafer provide meticulous discussion on all aspects of pediatric audiology—from underlying pathology and testing to medical, therapeutic, and surgical treatments. Pearls and best practices from a cadre of esteemed experts focus on achieving optimal patient outcomes.

Key Features

  • Thirty-seven chapters organized by four sections: Hearing Loss: Essential Information, Diagnosing Hearing Disorders in Infants and Children, Hearing Access Technologies for Infants and Children, and Educational and Clinical Management of Hearing Loss in Children
  • Detailed clinical discussion of pediatric audiologic test protocols and the selection and management of technologies
  • The neurophysiology of reading impairment — from theory to management
  • Closed caption videos provide hands-on guidance on clinical testing techniques

This richly illustrated edition is essential reading for graduate students in audiology, a robust resource for professors and audiologists who teach and mentor these students, and a go-to field guide for practicing clinicians. Paired with Pediatric Audiology Casebook, this dynamic duo is a must-have reference for trainee and veteran audiologists alike.

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Part I: Hearing Loss: Essential Information

1 Why Hearing Is Important in Children

2 Hearing Disorders in Children

3 Genetics of Hearing Loss

4 Medical Management of Hearing Loss in Children

Part II: Diagnosing Hearing Disorders in Infants and Children

5 Newborn Hearing Screening

6 Hearing Test Protocols for Children

7 Behavioral Evaluation of Hearing in Infants and Children

8 Evaluation of Hearing in Children with Special Needs

9 Evaluation of Speech Perception in Infants and Children

10 Middle Ear Measurement in Infants and Children

11 Otoacoustic Emissions: Applications for Pediatric Audiology

12 The Role of the Audiology Assistant in Assessing Hearing in Children

13 Auditory Evoked Response Testing in Children

14 Clinical Measurement and Application of Cortical Auditory Evoked Responses

15 Auditory Neurophysiology of Reading Impairment: Theory and Management

16 Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Auditory Processing Disorders in Children

17 Evaluation and Management of Vestibular Function in Infants and Children with Hearing Loss

18 Interpreting Audiologic Test Results and Using the Test Information to Plan Management

Part III: Hearing Access Technologies for Infants and Children

19 The Acoustic Speech Signal

20 Hearing Aids for Infants, Children, and Adolescents

21 Osseointegrated Implants for Children

22 Considerations for Pediatric Cochlear Implantation

23 Acoustic Accessibility in the Classroom and Beyond

24 Remote Microphone Technologies

25 Red Flags: Identifying and Managing Barriers to the Child's Optimal Auditory Development

Part IV: Educational and Clinical Management of Hearing Loss in Children

26 Collaborative Team Management of Children with Hearing Loss

27 Communication Approaches for Managing Hearing Loss in Infants and Children

28 The Importance of Early Intervention for Infants and Children with Hearing Loss

29 Speech/Language/Auditory Management of Infants and Children with Hearing Loss

30 Educational Placement Options for School-Aged Children with Hearing Loss

31 Education and Access Laws for Children with Hearing Loss

32 Screening, Assessment, and Management of Auditory Disorders in School-Aged Children

33 Managing Infants and Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

34 Working with Multicultural Families of Young Children with Hearing Loss

35 Counseling and Collaboration with Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

36 Empowering Teens with Hearing Loss

37 Advice for Audiologists from Parents

Video Contents
Video 7.1 An Introduction to Testing Techniques with Jane R. Madell, PhD
Video 7.2 Introduction to Behavioral Observation Audiometry
Video 7.3 Testing in Behavioral Observation Audiometry
Video 7.4 Behavioral Observation Audiometry without Audio Commentary
Video 7.5 Introduction to Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
Video 7.6 Testing in Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
Video 7.7 Introduction to Conditioned Play Audiometry
Video 7.8 Testing in Conditioned Play Audiometry
Video 9.1 Introduction to Speech Perception Testing
Video 9.2 SAT Testing
Video 9.3 SRT Testing
Video 9.4 Crisp Testing
Video 9.5 Closed Set Speech Perception Testing
Video 9.6 Open Set Speech Perception Testing
Video 22.1 Cochlear Implant Surgery with Dr. George Alexiades Special Features

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