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Acupuncture for Insomnia

Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783131543318
Publication Date: April 2012

Use acupuncture to effectively treat insomnia and other sleep disorders

Insomnia and related sleep disorders concern 10-40% of the adult population and even up to 25% of children, affecting alertness and memory, causing emotional and physical fatigue, and putting the individual at increased risk for depression, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other health hazards. Acupuncture for Insomnia: Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine presents a highly effective treatment for chronic and acute sleeplessness using therapeutic strategies from both TCM as well as classical Chinese medicine.

Special Features:

  • Provides full background on the physiology, causes, and treatment of sleep disorders, drawing key parallels between concepts of Western and Chinese Medicine
  • Classifies all acupuncture points that affect sleep to help in choosing the most appropriate treatment for your patient
  • Offers a detailed analysis of sleep in Chinese medicine to give you a full understanding of the energetics of sleep and wakefulness
  • Analyzes the significance of dreams in Chinese medicine and how dreams can be skillfully integrated into a patient's therapy

Written from the unique perspective of a physician who is also trained in TCM and classical acupuncture, this book presents numerous case examples, and an up-to-date review of scientific studies on Chinese medicine and sleep. It is an essential reference for all acupuncture practitioners who provide optimal treatment to patients with insomnia, sleep disorders, and other sleep pathologies.

1 Physiology of Sleep
Western Physiology of Normal Sleep
The Functions of Sleep
Normal Sleep
Sleep Disorders
2 Sleep in Chinese Medicine
Sleep and the Substances
Wei Qi–Blood–Shen
Sleep and the Zang Fu
Sleep and the Extraordinary Vessels
3 Insomnia
Diagnosing Insomnia
Etiology and Treatment of Insomnia
Case Studies
4 Other Sleep Pathologies
Somnolence—Shi Shui
Somnambulism/Sleepwalking—Meng You
Sleep-talking—Meng Yi
Sleep Apnea—Shui Mian Hu Xi Zhan Ting Zong He Zheng
Enuresis and Nocturia—Yi Niao
Excessive Dreaming—Duo Meng
Nightmares—Meng Yan
Night Fright / Night Terror—Ye Jing
Dreams of Flying—Meng Fei
Dreams of Falling—Meng Zhui
Sexual Dreams—Meng Jiao
Circadian Rhythm Desynchronization
5 Dreams and Their Significance in Chinese Medicine
Modern Western and Ancient Eastern Theories about Dreams
Modern Dream Theories in Relation to Chinese Traditional Concepts
Dreams as Reality, or Life as a Dream
The Significance of Dreams in the Chinese Tradition
Common Dream Interpretations and Therapeutic Strategies Based on the Discussions and Commentaries on Sleep and Dreams by Master Yuen
The Importance of Reintegrating Dream Interpretation into Chinese Medicine
6 Clinical Evaluation
Clinical Study on Acupuncture and Insomnia
Other Clinical Studies on Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Glossary of Chinese Terms Used in the Book

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