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Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture and Trigger Points


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783132416031
Publication Date: December 2017

This concise pocket-sized acupuncture guide is what professionals have been asking for! It is the first pocket atlas to cover all the major body and ear acupuncture points, including extensive coverage of the trigger points. Detailed descriptions of the localization, needling depth, indications, and functions of each point are provided. The different schools of ear acupuncture (e.g., Chinese vs. Nogier), often a source of confusion for practitioners, are presented side by side, usually in full-page illustrations, enhancing this book's usefulness as a daily reference guide.

The presentation of three acupuncture therapy systems follows a clear didactic concept: All points are shown in text and image, and the localization of the points is aided by means of anatomic drawings and photographs.

Coming from diverse specialties, the authors provide you with the most complete, useful, and accurate information available. Acupuncture points are described using the "visual-didactic processing system," which is rapidly gaining praise and recognition for its easy-to-use format. The clearly written text is augmented by high-quality color images.

Hecker's Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture and Trigger Points is ideal as a quick reference in your daily practice or as an exam preparation guide. This wealth of information makes it invaluable to experienced practitioners and to novices alike.

Part 1 Body Acupuncture Points
1 Introduction
2 Lung Channel
3 Large Intestine Channel
4 Stomach Channel
5 Spleen Channel
6 Heart Channel
7 Small Intestine Channel
8 Bladder Channel
9 Kidney Channel
10 Pericardium Channel
11 Triple Energizer Channel
12 Gallbladder Channel
13 Liver Channel
14 Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)
15 Governing Vessel (Du Mai)
16 Extra Points
Part 2 Ear Acupuncture Points
17 Anatomy of the Outer Ear (Auricula)
18 Zones of Auricular Innervation According to Nogier
19 Newer Research on Auricular Innervation
20 Topography of Reflex Zones
21 Points on the Auricular Lobule According to Chinese Nomenclature
22 Points on the Auricular Lobule According to Nogier
23 Points on the Tragus According to Chinese Nomenclature
24 Points on the Tragus According to Nogier and Bahr
25 Points on the Intertragic Notch According to Chinese Nomenclature
26 Points on the Intertragic Notch According to Nogier
27 Points on the Antitragus According to Chinese Nomenclature
28 Points on the Antitragus According to Nogier
29 Projection of the Bony Skeleton According to Nogier
30 Projection Zones of the Spinal Column According to Nogier
31 Plexus Points in the Concha According to Nogier
32 Points in the Triangular Fossa According to Chinese Nomenclature
33 Points on the Ascending Helix According to Chinese Nomenclature
34 Points on the Helix According to Nogier
35 Covered Points on the Helix According to Nogier
36 Projection Zones of Internal Organs According to Chinese Nomenclature
37 Projection Zones of Internal Organs According to Nogier
38 Energy and Treatment Lines on the Auricula
Part 3 Trigger Points
39 Definition of Trigger Points
40 Temporal Muscle
41 Masseter Muscle
42 Lateral Pterygoid Muscle
43 Short Muscles of the Neck
44 Splenius Muscle of the Head
45 Anterior, Middle, and Posterior Scalene Muscles
46 Trapezius Muscle
47 Levator Muscle of the Scapula
48 Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
49 Subclavius Muscle
50 Greater Pectoral Muscle
51 Smaller Pectoral Muscle
52 Smaller and Greater Rhomboid Muscles
53 Supraspinatus Muscle
54 Infraspinatus Muscle
55 Subscapular Muscle
56 Supinator Muscle
57 Long Radial Extensor Muscle of theWrist
58 Extensor Muscle of the Fingers
59 Pronator Teres Muscle
60 Superficial Flexor Muscle of the Fingers
61 External Oblique Muscle of the Abdomen
62 Iliac Muscle / Psoas Muscle
63 Quadratus Lumborum Muscle
64 Gluteus Maximus Muscle
65 Gluteus Medius Muscle
66 Gluteus Minimus Muscle
67 Piriformis Muscle
68 Quadriceps Femoris Muscle
69 Hamstring Muscles
70 Gracilis Muscle
71 Tensor Muscle of the Fascia Lata
72 Gastrocnemius Muscle
73 Anterior Tibial Muscle
Part 4 Appendix
74 Localization of Acupuncture Points
75 References
76 Illustration Credits
Body Points
Ear Points
Trigger Points

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