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Pocket Atlas of Nutrition


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783131354815
Publication Date: March 2005

Concise, practical, and designed for quick reference.

With obesity and diabetes assuming alarming epidemic proportions, diet and nutrition are in the spotlight more than ever before. It has never been more important for health care professionals to be well informed, not only about the latest developments, but also about the scientific facts. The Pocket Atlas of Nutrition is an accessible guide to all aspects of nutrition, from basic chemistry to the most recent dietary guidelines.


  • More than 150 easy-to-understand, full-color plates
  • A comprehensive list of nutrients, including for each its composition, effect, function, occurrence and daily requirements, as well as recommended intake
  • An extensive listing of all vitamins, minerals, trace elements as well as non-nutritive substances with their function and interaction
  • Accessible discussions of special diets as well as nutritional recommendations for various medical conditions and throughout the life course, e.g. for pregnant women or athletes
  • Up-to-date coverage of food-related diseases, including BSE, genetically modified foods, food quality, food allergies, and functional foods

We are bombarded by new information and claims about nutrition every day. The Pocket Atlas of Nutrition -- concise, practical, and designed for quick reference -- is an ideal basic guide for professionals and interested lay readers alike.

Body Composition
Energy Metabolism
Food Intake
Nutrient Uptake
The Nutrients
Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Water-Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin Interactions
Minerals and Trace Elements
Other Nutrients, Additives, and Contaminants
Nonnutritive Nutrients
Food Quality
Applied and Medical Nutrition
Nutritional Guidelines
Nutrition in Specific Life Stages
Selected Issues in Food Safety
Medical Nutrition

...A basic guide providing concise, practical and easy to use information on some core areas of nutrition, and intended for quick reference. It certainly is very useful as such a guide. The book is structured in a very clear and easy to use way. The left of each double page contains the text, while on the right color plates illustrate the topic. This structure follows a similar one throughout the Thieme series of pocket guides has been a well-established standard feature of these guides. The color plates are generally excellent and in many cases do not only serve as illustrative material, but summarize complex issues in a simple and didactically useful way. The book certainly achieves the goal to provide basic facts relevant in the field. The crucial advantage lies in this selectivity of topics and in an excellent didactic presentation of the material. I am certain that the book will be of particular interest as such a quick reference for researchers and practitioners, but it also will be of interest to students... Thus, it will also be crucial for informing a broader public about some of the core problems of all our societies, but most notably the ones with a diet which less and less relies on local and traditional knowledge, but instead more and more on ready made (convenience) food.--Journal of Ethnopharmacology

"This book lives up to its name as a compact and thorough source of information on nutrition. The information is essentially presented in a 'dictionary' format although, unlike most dictionaries, it contains charts and color diagrams on every right-hand page, relating directly to the entries on the opposite page. The material is set out in a logical manner, making information easy to find without having to refer to the index. ...Delivers invaluable information."--Complementary Medicine

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