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Reflexotherapy of the Feet


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783131252425
Publication Date: October 2016

FOUR STARS from Doody's Star Ratings™

The image of the whole person reflected in the feet

Foot reflexology is now widely used to relieve symptoms of many disorders. Hanne Marquardt is a pioneer in teaching and practicing foot reflexology in Germany - many of today's practicing foot reflexologists were trained at her well-established teaching institution. This book, based on the best-selling fourth German edition, has been constantly reviewed and updated by the author, incorporating new findings and strategies as they evolved.

In many hand-drawn illustrations of the microsystem of the feet, the book introduces the principles and the practice of foot reflexology. It covers - the complete topography of zones - general treatment examples - specific applications and strategies on treatment combinations the book profits from the author's personal style and lengthy teaching experience.

Part I General Principles
1 Historical Development of Foot Treatments
2 Two Working Models for a Practical Approach to Reflexotherapy
3 Basic Therapeutic Grips: Touching, Treating
4 Characteristics of Abnormal Zones; Limits of Dosage
5 Indications and Contraindications
6 Stabilization and Harmonization of the Autonomic Nervous System
7 Preparation for Treatment
8 Pain—Its Purpose and Significance
9 Limits of Determination of Zones in Writing
10 The Individual Groups of Zones
Part II Practical Part
11 The First Treatment as an Assessment
12 Performing the Follow-up and Final Treatments
13 Duration of and Intervals between Treatments
14 Reactions during Treatment Intervals
15 Right–Left Interchangeability of Zones of the Feet
16 Management and Treatment of Pain in Acute Situations
17 Therapeutic Support for Intensely Emotional Reactions
18 Treatment Combinations
19 Self-treatment and Orthotic Foot Devices
20 Diagnostic Possibilities and Limitations
21 Treatment Suggestions
22 Pregnancy and Birth
23 Treatment of Babies and Children
Part III Special Topics and Further Developments
24 Special Groups of Patients
25 Treatment of Scars with Reflexotherapy of the Feet
26 Zones of the Teeth and Their Energetic Interrelationships
27 Zones of the Pelvic Ligaments
28 Zones of the Face and Neck
29 Zones of the Lymphatic System
30 Interrelationships between Zones of the Feet and Meridians
31 Shared Practical Experience
32 Summary of the Method
Part IV Appendix
33 Authorized RTF Schools and Further Information
34 Figure Sources
35 Technical Terms
36 Bibliography
37 Index

This exceptionally designed book on reflexotherapy includes the history of this particularly unique practice...The author includes general information, excellent illustrations, and protocols for treatment for a vast range of conditions. -- Doody's Book Review (Score: 93)

Books on reflexotherapy are rare, and this excellent and extensive one on the feet not only fills a needed gap but also does it very well on it as a science and as an art, with detailed information in textual and illustrative forms. -- BIZ INDIA

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