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Foot and Ankle Disorders

Foot and Ankle Disorders

Tricks of the Trade


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781588901415
Publication Date: April 2003

Tricks and techniques for performing a wide range of foot and ankle surgeries.

In this quick, easy-to-access reference, a top team of orthopedic surgeons share their tricks and techniques for performing a wide range of foot and ankle surgeries. This concise book discusses 35 different procedures for the foot and ankle, covering everything from hind foot alignment and hallux varus to metatarsal phalangeal fusion and adult flatfoot syndrome. For each operation, you'll find notes, clear and simplified drawings, tips, and pitfalls, all designed to make even the most challenging surgery seem easy.

Special benefits:

  • Simplifies all concepts with succinct, to-the-point text
  • Annotated drawings allow you to grasp the procedure at a glance
  • Pitfalls describe typical problems and strategies for avoiding them
  • Guidelines help explain procedures to patients and obtain informed consent

Here is the valuable text all orthopedists, podiatrists, and residents who perform foot and ankle procedures need to expand their surgical armamentarium.

1. The Foot and Ankle Surgical Support Bump
2. Local Anesthesia For Foot and Ankle Procedures
3. Mayo Block for Hallux Procedures
4. Sensory Testing of the Foot and Ankle
5. Assessing Hindfoot Alignment
6. Passing Tendons Through Bone Using a Penrose Drain
7. Passing Tendons Through Bone Using a Wire Loop
8. Obtaining Bone Graft from the Lateral Calcaneus
9. Percutaneous Plantar Fasciotomy
10. Chevron Bunionectomy
11. Closing Wedge Bunionectomy
12. Scarf Bunionectomy
13. Lapidus Bunionectomy
14. Hallux Varus
15. Cheilectomy for Hallus Rigidus
16. Cock-up Hallus
17. Metatarsal Phalangeal Fusion
18. Tailor's Bunionette
19. Avulsion Fracture Base Proximal Phalanx Hallux
20. Metatarsal Parabola and Weightbearing Asymmetry
21. Lesser Toe Deformities
22. Calcaneal Osteotomies
23. Gastrocnemius Slide
24. Adult Flatfoot Syndrome
25. Pes Cavus
26. Haglund’s Deformity and Insertional Achilles Tendinosis
27. Brostrom Procedure for Chronic Ankle Laxity
28. Redo Brostrom for Failed Primary Brostrom and Other Ligament Surgery
29. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation
30. Calcaneus Fractures and Fixation Techniques
31. Percutaneous Pinning of Talar Neck Fractures
32. LisFranc Dislocation
33. Subtalar Arthrodesis
34. Subtalar Arthrodesis with Alternate Screw Placement

Chapters on calcaneal talar fractures are very well done...organization of the book is deceptively simple...delivers several important messages...that young surgeons can use to maximize their care of patients...highly [recommended].'' --Doody's Notes

"A helpful resource for the physical therapist who wishes to learn more about the surgical management of these disorders or who desires a manual with diagrams that are simple enough for patient education. It would be...useful to an orthopedic or podiatric surgeon who might find it to be an excellent pocket reference or review guide as well as a patient education tool."--Physical Therapy

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