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Handbook of Neuroscience Nursing

Care of the Adult Neurosurgical Patient


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781626233782
Publication Date: March 2019

Edited by
Denita Ryan

Written by advanced practice nurses in collaboration with physician experts from one of the world's most renowned neurosurgical institutions, this is the first point-of-care book designed to enhance patient care at the bedside. Every chapter is written by leading authorities in their respective specialties, resulting in a concise but robust neuroscience nursing management tool.

The authors lay a foundation with an in-depth description of central nervous system anatomy, followed by step-by-step processes required to perform accurate and thorough neurological assessments. Subsequent chapters describe common neurological disorders and conditions such as tumors, vascular anomalies, and traumatic brain injury. The authors deftly guide the reader through managing neurological diagnoses and help the reader understand the treatment that patients with these conditions may undergo.

Key Highlights

  • Superb illustrations and 10 animations created by master artists bring to life the anatomical structures, pathologies, and mechanisms of injury described in the chapters
  • Lists, tables, and boxes are organized in a concise layout that allows quick consultation and implementation
  • Diagnostic images, medical illustrations, and treatment algorithms help elucidate the implications of managing patients with complex neurological conditions
  • Appendices contain extensive complementary information including discharge instructions and checklists that are of great help to family caregivers and healthcare professionals alike

This book is an accessible, easy-to-navigate reference for nurses and ancillary staff of varied experience levels and specialties who are caring for neurosurgical patients. It is a must-have resource for nurse practitioners and physician assistants at any institution with a high-volume neurosurgical service.

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Part I Anatomy and Assessment of the Nervous System
1 Anatomy
2 Assessment
Part II Specific Conditions Associated with Neurologic Disorders
3 Principles of Intracranial Pressure
4 Hydrocephalus
5 Electrolyte Disturbances
6 Seizures
Part III Disorders of the Central Nervous System
7 Tumors
8 Vascular Disorders
9 Traumatic Brain Injury
10 Infectious Diseases
11 Spinal Disorders
12 Traumatic Spine Injury
13 Developmental Disorders
Part IV Diagnosis and Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders
14 Neuroradiology and Neuroendovascular Interventions
15 Neurosurgical Interventions
16 Radiotherapy
17 Rehabilitation
Part V Appendices
Appendix A: Nursing Management Tables
Appendix B: Sample Discharge Instructions
Appendix C: Preoperative Nursing Checklist

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