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The Glioma Book


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626234444
Publication Date: October 2019

A unique resource on glioma leverages advances and firsthand insights to enact meaningful change

Glioblastoma (GBM) or glioma is an extremely aggressive and malignant brain tumor, with cell infiltration, rapid invasion, and a high frequency of relapse. The Glioma Book by neurosurgeon Michael Sughrue is a highly personal book — a culmination of two years of writing and more than 1,000 surgeries. It presents a unique viewpoint with the potential to transform the traditional paradigm that too often informs treatment of this universally fatal brain tumor. The book reinterprets the role of the cerebrum and sub-cortex, leverages scientific advances to improve cytoreduction and reduce neurological deficits, and challenges the myth of the "inoperable" glioma.

This is the first step-by-step technical guide focused on aggressively resecting different types of gliomas. The book is logically organized, starting with a foundation of fundamental knowledge, then progressing to practical applications. Chapters focus on the skills necessary to perform glioma surgery, specific techniques, and systematic approaches to gliomas in different brain regions.

  • Numerous case examples illuminate concepts introduced earlier in the book and explain how to perform these procedures
  • About 30 high quality videos posted online provide insightful procedural guidance
  • The role of connectomic imaging in visualizing the cerebrum, and other innovative techniques including awake brain mapping and diffusion tensor tractography

Neurosurgeons who embrace the concepts in this book will realize they can change the glioma treatment paradigm. Continually improving techniques and viewing a glioma diagnosis as a battle for a patient's life, rather than an exercise in inevitable failure can impart progress in treating this devastating disease.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

Part I Foundations
1. Why Better Glioma Surgery Matters
2. Sughrue's Three Laws of Glioma Surgery
3. Surface and Gross Anatomy of the Cerebrum
4. An Introduction to Macroconnectomic Networks in Cerebral Surgery
5. White Matter Anatomy of the Cerebrum
6. Functional Networks of the Human Cerebrum
7. Awake Brian Mapping: Goals, Methods, and Logistics
Part II Applications
8. Functional Testing for Brain Mapping
9. Going from Scan to Plan in a Glioma Surgery
10. Frontal Lobe Gliomas
11. Temporal Lobe Gliomas
12. Insular Gliomas
13. Parietal and Occipital Gliomas
14. Difficult Gliomas
Part III Integration
15. Unique Issues with Recurrent Gliomas
16. Large Multilobar Gliomas
17. Cases That Taught Me Lessons

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