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Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783131320926
Publication Date: May 2012

Highly visual, step-by-step account of every type of middle ear and mastoid microsurgery

Based on more than 30 years' experience and over 20,000 clinical cases, the second edition of Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery presents detailed surgical management strategies for the full spectrum of otologic disorders, from decision-making and preoperative considerations to descriptions of both common and complex surgical techniques. The superb schematic drawings and intraoperative images, combined with instructional text, facilitate an in-depth understanding of surgical anatomy and operative steps that is unparalleled in the literature.

New to the second edition of this landmark text:
  • Now over 1,600 vivid, full-color intraoperative images, many newly obtained with digital cameras, that take readers through the operative procedures in highly detailed step-by-step sequences
  • Expanded chapter on temporal bone anatomy, with dissection images correlated to CT scans that are crucial for a full understanding of surgical middle ear anatomy and 3D relationships between important structures 
  • Updated chapter on paragangliomas, offering proven surgical solutions to this difficult pathology according to the authors' modified classification
  • Revised chapter on subtotal petrosectomy, with treatments for intractable otorrhea in dead ears and other severe pathologies such as extensive Jiquorrhea and meningoencephalic herniation
  • Updated coverage of the remarkable advances in cochlear implant technology for profound sensorineural hearing loss

Complete with general operating room principles, anesthesia, and technical considerations, plus guidance on pitfalls, problems and potential complications, this comprehensive book is an in-depth review of modern middle ear surgery. From temporal bone anatomy to canalplasty to the most advanced surgical techniques, it sets the standard as the authoritative reference for all otologic surgeons at all levels of training.

1 Anatomy and Radiology of the Temporal Bone
2 Operating Room Setup
3 Anesthesia
4 General Technical Considerations
5 Decision Making in Middle Ear Surgery
6 Ventilation Tube Insertion
7 General Otosurgical Procedures
8 Preoperative and Postoperative Care
9 External Auditory Canal
10 Myringoplasty
11 Ossiculoplasty
12 Simple Mastoidectomy
13 Canal Wall Up (Closed) Tympanoplasty
14 Canal Wall Down (Open) Tympanoplasty
15 Special Considerations Regarding Paraganglioma (Classes A and B)
16 Problems and Solutions in Mastoid Surgery
17 Stapes Surgery
18 Obliteration of the Middle Ear (Subtotal Petrosectomy)
19 Cochlear Implantation
20 Management of Iatrogenic Injuries

"Wonderfully illustrated...sets the bar quite high...recommended for any surgeon considering middle ear and mastoid surgery."-- Otology and Neurotology (of the first edition)

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