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Science of Synthesis: Multicomponent Reactions Vol. 1

General Discussion and Reactions Involving a Carbonyl Compound as Electrophilic Component


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783131728616
Publication Date: March 2014

The two volumes "Science of Synthesis: Multicomponent Reactions" critically
review the state of the art of domino, sequential, and consecutive
multicomponent reactions in what is a highly dynamic field. They serve as the
basis for practical application to reach the goals of diversity-oriented
synthesis, reaction design, and novel synthetic concepts. As is typical for the
Science of Synthesis series, the reference work on multicomponent reactions
presents the best synthetic methods as judged by experts in the field and
includes typical and general experimental procedures.

The volume "Reactions Involving a Carbonyl Compound as Electrophilic
Component" covers the following topics:

  • Biginelli Reaction
  • Strecker Reaction
  • Hantzsch Pyridine Synthesis
  • Mannich Reaction
  • Petasis Reaction
  • Willgerodt-Kindler Reaction

  • Kabachnik-Fields Reaction
  • Passerini Reaction
  • Ugi Reaction
  • Gewald Reaction

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