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Atlas of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781684200238
Publication Date: December 2019

Endoscopic spine surgery essentials from expert spine surgeons

Atlas of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery by internationally renowned spine surgeons Christoph Hofstetter, Sebastian Ruetten, Yue Zhou, and Michael Wang provides concise, step-by-step guidance on the latest full endoscopic spine procedures. The book is targeted at practicing spine surgeons, fellows, and residents currently not trained in endoscopic spine surgery who have the desire to learn and incorporate these techniques into clinical practice. It is also an excellent curriculum resource for cadaveric training courses taught at the national and international level.

The book lays a solid foundation with opening chapters on anesthesia, OR setup and endoscopic tools, applied anatomy, basic endoscopic surgical tasks, and preoperative diagnostics. Additional sections include step-by-step descriptions of the full spectrum of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar endoscopic approaches. The last section provides invaluable pearls on overcoming challenges, avoiding pitfalls, and optimizing postoperative care.

Key Features

  • Transforaminal endoscopic lumbar and thoracic discectomy approaches
  • Trans-SAP endoscopic approach for foraminal and lateral recess decompression
  • Interlaminar endoscopic lumbar discectomy
  • Cervical/thoracic and lumbar unilateral laminotomy for bilateral decompression
  • Special topics including endoscopic management of challenging cases, endoscopic revision surgery, and management of complications.

Neurosurgery residents, fellows, young practicing neurosurgeons, and all healthcare practitioners involved in the care of endoscopic spine surgery patients will gain invaluable insights from this book.

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Part 1: Introduction
1 Anesthesia and Rapid Recovery
2 Radiation Safety in Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
3 Essential Imaging in Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
4 Intraoperative Navigation for Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
5 Endoscopic Instruments
6 Operating Room Setup: The Basics
7 Applied Anatomy for Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
8 Principles of Full-Endoscopic Surgical Technique
9 Essential Tasks of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
10 Preoperative Diagnostic Workup
Part 2: Lumbar
11 Interlaminar Endoscopic Lateral Recess Decompression
12 Interlaminar Endoscopic Lumbar Diskectomy
13 Interlaminar Contralateral Endoscopic Lumbar Foraminotomy
14 Lumbar Endoscopic Unilateral Laminotomy for Bilateral Decompression
15 Endoscopic Extraforaminal Lumbar Diskectomy
16 Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Diskectomy
17 Trans-Superior Articular Process Endoscopic Lumbar Approach
18 Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Part 3: Thoracic
19 Transforaminal Endoscopic Thoracic Diskectomy
Part 4: Cervical
20 Anterior Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy
21 Posterior Endoscopic Cervical Foraminotomy
22 Cervical Endoscopic Unilateral Laminotomy for Bilateral Decompression
Part 5: Additional Topics
23 Adapting Full-Endoscopic Technique for Challenging Cases
24 Endoscopic Revision Surgery
25 Complications Associated with Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
26 Perioperative Care in Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery

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