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Thieme and Schattauer launch new open access journal TH Open

Thieme has joined forces with Schattauer Publishers to launch a new open access journal: TH Open. It will provide updates on the latest developments in vascular medicine, complementing Schattauer's established subscription title Thrombosis and Haemostasis. The new open access journal will follow the PWYW (pay what you want) pricing strategy, which leaves the decision of how much the publication of an article in the new English-language journal is worth up to the author. TH Open will be officially introduced at the ISTH 2017 Congress, the global meeting in thrombosis, hemostasis and vascular biology to be held in Berlin on July 8 - 13, 2017.

Vascular medicine research continuously develops new diagnostic tools and treatments for vascular diseases ranging from arteriosclerosis and thrombosis to strokes. "TH Open is a significant new opportunity for the rapid dissemination of knowledge in this crucial field, satisfying the growing demand for up-to-date articles and results," says Daniel Schiff, MD, Senior Vice President, Thieme Publishers. The open access journal will complement Schattauer's established journal Thrombosis and Haemostasis, which celebrates its 60-year anniversary in 2017.

Interested authors are welcome to submit original articles and clinical studies as well as review articles and case studies for online publication in TH Open. Submissions will be reviewed by internationally recognized experts, and authors will also benefit from the quality-driven editing and high visibility due to Thieme’s highly experienced and driven marketing teams.

All relevant submission and publication information for TH Open is available on Thieme Open at The online platform provides a complete overview of the multiple open access publication options offered by the Thieme Group. Authors can currently choose between 28 open access journals. All articles published in open access journals are freely available to readers via the Thieme Online Books & Journals Platform.

The first open access journal with PWYW pricing strategy, The Surgery Journal, was launched by Thieme in the summer of 2015. TH Open follows the same principle: once an article passes the peer review process, the author can decide which publication fee he or she is willing to pay. "The issue of value, and its perception in the Open Access world, is a very interesting question that we are continuing to study with TH Open, in collaboration with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität of Munich’s School of Management and Department of Economics," Daniel Schiff shares.

Date posted:  Monday 24th July 2017

Thieme announces publishing and distribution agreement with NANDA International, Inc.

Thieme, an award-winning international medical and scientific publisher, announces today that it has signed a publishing and distribution agreement with NANDA International, Inc. (NANDA-I). Under the terms of this contract, Thieme will be taking over the English and certain other rights to publish, sub-license, and sell future editions of NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification and the NANDA-I diagnostic system.

Built upon the NANDA-I Taxonomy of Nursing Diagnoses, this definitive guide not only provides chapters on the basics of nursing assessment, diagnosis, and clinical reasoning, but also details the definitions, defining characteristics, and risk factors for each of the 248 diagnoses. The work is published in numerous languages, and sub-licensed for use in databases and electronic medical record systems. Updated every three years with the latest global evidence and appearing this summer in its 11th edition, the NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification book reflects the diversity and practice differences of this profession across the world. New in this edition is the addition of associated conditions and at risk populations to aid in diagnosis.

Commenting on the new partnership, Brian Scanlan, President of Thieme Publishers said, “Thieme is delighted to be working with NANDA International, Inc. on the publication and distribution of this work. Our international business is perfectly positioned to support NANDA-I with worldwide distribution and licensing, and our long experience in producing and promoting high quality, accurate medical and scientific knowledge will ensure the global nursing community continues to have access to the most current standardized nursing terminology.”

Date posted:  Wednesday 31st May 2017

Thieme Stresses Importance of Publishers’ Role in Defending the Independence of Science

Thieme Publishing Group, one of the major providers of medical and health publications, media and services, strongly advocates the freedom of scientific inquiry and publication. The publisher also underlines this commitment by contributing to the current campaign launched by the German Publishers’ and Booksellers’ Association (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels). In an editorial published in various English-language Thieme journals, Dr. Daniel Schiff, Senior Vice President of Thieme Group’s U.S. subsidiary Thieme Publishers, stresses the key role publishers play in distributing high-quality, peer-reviewed academic information.

Academic publishers, Dr. Schiff says, are responsible for coordinating the process of knowledge preparation and distribution. New scientific insights are evaluated and selected through professional review processes, including peer-review, before they are edited, didactically enhanced, and processed for publication in renowned academic journals. In addition, publishers ensure the promotion as well as systematic distribution and archiving of these results in cooperation with academic libraries and multiple other partners. In his editorial published in numerous Thieme journals, Schiff states: “In these activities we help build, protect and conserve the integrity of the corpus of scientific knowledge.”

Dr. Schiff also stresses the importance of marking and defending the line between corroborated facts and unconfirmed claims, saying that “we have and will continue to validate and distribute peer-reviewed data and content, whether consistent or not with assumed truths. In these uncertain times, these are values which always need defending.”

In more than 150 journals, Thieme Publishing Group provides regular updates on the latest research and practical insights.

For the full text of Daniel Schiff’s editorial, please visit:

Date posted:  Thursday 16th March 2017

One Win, Three Honorable Mentions for Thieme Publishers at 2017 PROSE Awards

Thieme Publishers is proud to announce that four of its titles have been honored at the prestigious 2017 American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (The PROSE Awards). Pediatric Neurosurgery: Tricks of the Trade won first prize in the category Textbook/Clinical Medicine, with Neuroendoscopic Surgery and Neuro-Ophthlamology Illustrated (2nd Edition) receiving honorable mentions in the same category. Another honorable mention went to The Surgery Journal in the category Journal/Award for Innovation category.
“We are thrilled that four of our titles have been honored by the Association of American Publishers,” said Fiona Henderson, International Marketing Director at Thieme Publishers. “With the first prize in Textbook/Clinical Medicine for Pediatric Neurosurgery: Tricks of the Trade, the jury acknowledged author Alan R. Cohen’s achievement in creating an essential pediatric neurosurgery resource that also conveys the personal wisdom gained from decades of experience. The honorable mentions for Neuroendoscopic Surgery andNeuro-Ophthlamology Illustrated in that same category indicate the increasing importance of excellent textbooks in the field of neuromedicine.”
Thieme’s The Surgery Journal, a highly innovative open-access journal that is pushing the boundaries of more established publishing methods, received an honorable mention in the category Journal/Award for Innovation. The Surgery Journal allows authors to submit their articles in any format they prefer (“Submit how you want”). Once their article has been peer-reviewed and accepted, they pay an APC fee that they feel is most suitable (“Pay what you want”). “The Surgery Journal bridges all surgical specialties, bringing together the expertise we have established across many journals in the field,” Daniel Schiff, Senior Vice President at Thieme Publishers said. “The honorable mention is proof that our innovative publishing approach benefits authors, readers, and the field.”
Honored titles
Pediatric Neurosurgery: Tricks of the Trade, winner of the 2017 PROSE Award for Textboook/Clinical Medicine, is a uniquely exacting subspecialty in which surgeons are given the extraordinary privilege of alleviating suffering for gravely ill children, and in best-case scenarios, restoring their health. Understanding the vast and complex anatomy, pathology, and pathophysiology that evolves throughout childhood presents considerable challenges. Further, the field is rapidly progressing with advancements in neurodiagnostic imaging and surgical instrumentation, as well as an expanding knowledge of the molecular and genetic bases underlying many neurosurgical disorders.
The multimedia textbook Neuroendoscopic Surgery, honorable mention at the 2017 PROSE Award for Textboook/Clinical Medicine, reflects the technological advances achieved in the last two decades in fiber optics, cold light, cameras, and endoscopic instrumentation. Written by an impressive Who's Who of international neurosurgeons, the outstanding text and videos reflect global contributions to neuroendoscopy.
Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated, 2nd Edition, honorable mention at the 2017 PROSE Award for Textboook/Clinical Medicine, is an up-to-date, beautifully illustrated text that guides readers in recognizing signs and symptoms, localizing pathology, developing a differential diagnosis, and selecting a management strategy. The content in this new edition reflects the most recent advances in neuro-ophthalmology.
The Surgery Journal (TSJ), honorable mention at the 2017 PROSE Journal Award for Innovation, is a unique, all-encompassing, open access journal for surgeons and trainee surgeons of all disciplines, as well as other medical professionals engaged with the support and surgical treatment of patients. All articles in TSJ undergo rigorous blind peer review. As an open-access publication, all articles in TSJ are made freely available for all to read and download from Thieme Connect.
About the PROSE Awards
The annual PROSE Awards recognize the very best in professional and scholarly publishing by bringing attention to distinguished books, journals, and electronic content in over 40 categories. Judged by peer publishers, librarians, and medical professionals since 1976, the PROSE Awards are extraordinary for their breadth and depth.
Pediatric Neurosurgery: Tricks of the Trade , Neuroendoscopic Surgery , Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated

Date posted:  Tuesday 28th February 2017