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Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery of the Upper Face

Eyelid Ptosis, Dermatochalasis, and Eyebrow Ptosis


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626239210
Publication Date: October 2019

The definitive resource on cutting-edge oculoplastic surgery of the upper face, eyelids, and eyebrows

While an estimated 1.5 million brow and upper eyelid surgery procedures are performed worldwide each year, this book is the first published ophthalmologic text with detailed coverage focused solely on this topic. Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery of the Upper Face: Eyelid Ptosis, Dermatochalasis, and Eyebrow Ptosis by distinguished oculofacial plastic surgeons and educators Michael A. Burnstine, Steven C. Dresner, David B. Samimi, Helen A. Merritt, and an impressive group of international experts fills a void in the literature. The succinct, richly illustrated text covers classification, anatomy, evaluation, and a wide spectrum of surgical approaches for each condition. Surgical videos are included.

Organized by 7 sections and 39 chapters, the book begins with clinical assessment of patients who present with upper eyelid and eyebrow conditions, followed by evidenced-based treatment protocols. All procedural chapters follow a consistent format, enabling readers to classify problems, review surgical steps, and consider key issues associated with each condition and corrective procedure. Mechanical, involutional, neurogenic, myogenic, and syndromic blepharoptoses detailed in Sections 2 to 6 include etiology, diagnosis, management, and diverse state-of-the-art resection, repair, lift, fill, and augmentation techniques.

Key Features

  • Each procedural chapter includes an introduction, risks, benefits, informed consent, indications, relative contraindications, a preoperative checklist, required instrumentation, a step-by-step approach for surgeons beginning their career, and refined tips for more experienced surgeons.
  • High quality full-color operative photographs enhance knowledge of the most salient operative steps, while before and after photos demonstrate the evidence-based efficacy of each surgery.
  • Chapters focused on brow surgery detail a full range of surgical and nonsurgical approaches—from contouring options and direct elevation to fillers and neuromodulators.

This is a must-have surgical resource for ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and plastic surgery residents and practitioners. The highly practical, reader-friendly text facilitates greater understanding of the clinical implications of each ophthalmic surgery approach, thereby helping surgeons achieve improved cosmetic results.

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Section I Introduction
1 Ptosis Classification
2 Aesthetic Anatomy of the Upper Face
3 Anatomic Considerations in the Aesthetic Surgery of the Upper Face
Section II Mechanical Ptosis
4 Mechanical Ptosis: Etiology and Management
5 Upper Blepharoplasty
6 Double Eyelid Surgery
7 A Guide to Eyebrow Contouring Options
8 Direct Eyebrow Elevation
9 Internal Eyebrow Lift
10 Midforehead Browlift Technique
11 Open Coronal Pretrichial Browlift Surgery
12 Pretrichial Temporal Browlift
13 Minimally Invasive Su-Por–Suture Temporal Brow Suspension: The Lift and Fill Technique
14 Endoscopic Upper Face and Eyebrow Lifting
15 Nonsurgical Management Techniques: Fillers and Neuromodulators
16 Fat Augmentation of the Brow
Section III Involutional Ptosis
17 Involutional Ptosis: Etiology and Management
18 External Levator Advancement with Orbicularis-Sparing Technique
19 Small Incision Anterior Levator Advancement
20 Müller's Muscle–Conjunctival Resection
21 Dresner's Modification of Müller's Muscle–Conjunctival Resection
22 Posterior White Line Advancement
23 The Fasanella–Servat Procedure
24 Combined Upper Blepharoplasty and Ptosis Repair
25 Floppy Eyelid Syndrome Repair with Concomitant Ptosis Repair
26 Management of Lacrimal Gland Prolapse
Section IV Myogenic Ptosis
27 Myogenic Ptosis: Etiology and Management
28 Static Myogenic Ptosis: Evaluation and Management
29 Surgical Management of Levator Function Less Than 4 mm
30 Surgical Management of Static Congenital Ptosis with Levator Function between 4 and 10 mm
31 Progressive Myogenic Ptosis: Evaluation and Management
32 Syndromic Blepharoptoses
Section V Neurogenic Ptosis
33 Neurogenic Ptosis: Diagnosis and Management
Section VI Pseudoptosis
34 Pseudoptosis: Evaluation and Management
Section VII Additional Considerations in Upper Facial Surgery
35 Eyelash Ptosis Management
36 Blepharoptosis Reoperation
37 Nonsurgical Management of Ptosis
38 Unique Considerations in Upper Facial Surgery
39 Staying Out of Trouble: Strategies Based on Recent OMIC Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Claims

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