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The Art of Pterygium Surgery

Mastering Techniques and Optimizing Results


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626235113
Publication Date: November 2019

Unique resource from world-renowned ophthalmologist elevates the surgical treatment of pterygium to an art form

Often referred to as surfer's eye, pterygium is a common cornea disorder in which an overgrowth of thick fibrovascular growth encroaches the cornea. While mild pterygia can be managed pharmacologically, more advanced cases that negatively impact vision and cosmetic appearance require surgical excision. The Art of Pterygium Surgery: Mastering Techniques and Optimizing Results by internationally acclaimed eye surgeon Arun Gulani and esteemed global contributors features an impressive array of collective expertise, pearls, and unbiased approaches. This textbook raises the bar on a challenging surgical procedure in terms of performance, aesthetic outcomes, and patient expectations, while presenting a paradigm shift in defining success beyond lack of recurrence to immediate and long-term appearance of the operated eye.

Divided into three sections, the book begins with a history and overview; signs, symptoms, classification, and differential diagnosis; and evidence-based concepts. Subsequent chapters cover current state-of-the-art procedures, management of complex cases and complications, and future innovations. Techniques are discussed in depth, with dedicated chapters on the use of amniotic membrane and umbilical cord transplantation; conjunctival autografts; antimetabolites such as Mitomycin C, fibrin glues, and sealants; and stem cell applications.

Key Highlights

  • For the first time ever, accountability of surgical outcomes has been raised by providing patient pictures and perspectives instead of data points
  • Innovative techniques enable pterygium patients to become candidates for laser vision and premium cataract surgery procedures
  • High-impact photos, surgical videos, and tables enhance learning and provide a robust teaching platform that can be utilized worldwide
  • Special topics include the treatment of other ocular surface disorders with amniotic graft surgery and Laser Corneoplastique for management of irregular astigmatism and corneal scars associated with pterygium
  • Discussion of future trends focus on next-day cosmetic outcomes in pterygium and pinguecula surgery and kerato-refractive and premium cataract surgery with pterygium

Artfully unique, this robust ophthalmic surgery reference offers insightful guidance to help eye surgeons achieve better outcomes and satisfaction in patients with pterygium. It is essential reading for ophthalmology residents and cornea and ocular surface specialists.

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1 Pterygium: History and Overview
2 Classic Signs, Symptoms, Classification, and Differential Diagnosis of Pterygium
3 Current Concepts in Treatments of Pterygium–An Evidence-Based Review
4 Evolution of the Medical and Surgical Treatments for Pterygium
5 Ocular Surface and Tear Film Management in Pterygium Surgery
6 Amniotic Membrane and Umbilical Cord as Platform Technology to Promote Regenerative Healing
7 Conjunctival Autograft for Primary and Recurrent Pterygium: Past, Present, and Future
8 Amniotic Graft Surgery in Ocular Surface Pathologies besides Pterygium
9 Mitomycin C, Glues, Sealants, and Ancillaries in Pterygium Surgery
10 Nonsurgical Management of Irregular Astigmatism Associated with Pterygium
11 Stem Cell Applications in Pterygium
12 Surgical Approach to Isolated and Associated Presentations of Pterygium
13 Complications of Pterygium Surgery
14 Complex Pterygium Surgery and Complication Management to Cosmetic Endpoints
15 Pterygium and Pinguecula Surgery: Next-Day Cosmetic Outcomes
16 Kerato-Refractive and Premium Cataract Surgery with Pterygium

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