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Quantitative Skin Testing for Allergy



Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781588904300
Publication Date: August 2006

A concise guide to diagnosing allergies using quantitative skin testing methods

Written by leading experts in the field, Quantitative Skin Testing for Allergy: IDT and MQT provides an invaluable guide to using quantitative skin testing methods in a modern allergy practice. The book reviews the well-established methodologies of intradermal dilutional testing (IDT) and prick testing and then goes on to describe the indications and techniques for blending these approaches through modified quantitative testing (MQT). Each method is presented in a concise way, guiding readers from preparation, to application of controls, to application of antigen, and to titration.


  • Coverage of the full range of skin testing techniques allows the reader to compare and contrast various methods to determine which is appropriate for each patient
  • Succinct text outlines rationale, technique, and interpretation of the various methods described in the book
  • Practical tips on selecting appropriate allergens
  • Guidelines for how to prevent and manage allergic emergencies
  • Advice on how to set up and prepare the allergy office
  • A glossary of common terms in otolaryngic allergy - ideal for quick reference and review

Otolaryngologists, residents, and nurses seeking to expand and improve their techniques in diagnosing allergies will appreciate this handbook. The book also serves as a valuable preparation aid for the fellowship exam of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy.

1 The Evolution of Skin Testing in Otolaryngic Allergy
2 Preparing the Office for Skin Testing
3 Antigen Choice for Skin Testing
4 Whealing Responses to Intradermal Testing: The Basis for Intradermal Dilutional Testing (IDT)
5 The Mechanics and Interpretation of IDT
6 The Mechanics and Interpretation of Multiple-Prick Testing
7 Blending Methods: Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT)
8 Vial Preparation Based on Quantitative Testing
9 Immunotherapy Based on Quantitative Testing
10 Prevention and Management of Anaphylaxis
Appendix 1 Gloassary of Common Terms Used in Otolaryngic Allergy
Appendix 2 Aeroallergen Panels

Marple and Mabry have once again proven their abilities to serve as educators in the field of allergy...well written.--The Laryngoscope

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