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Science of Synthesis: Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783132423329
Publication Date: December 2018

The aim of this work is to convey the practice, power, and potential of flow chemistry to a larger audience. An emerging and strengthening trend is that flow chemistry is much more than the adaption of batch processes to flow systems. Rather, flow chemistry offers a new paradigm in the way we think about chemical synthesis. This volume demonstrates the enabling power of continuous flow to access new reaction types and different chemistry space and, to this end, it has been compiled by a team of pioneers and leaders, who present both the practical and conceptual aspects of this rapidly growing field. Included are the principles of reactor design, automation, and separations/purifications in flow systems, applications in photochemistry, electrochemistry, gaseous systems, immobilized reagents and catalysts, and multistep processes. The synthesis of peptides, carbohydrates, and pharmaceuticals is covered and several chapters give insight into the use of flow in an industrial context.

1 Introduction
2 Flow Chemistry System Design and Automation
3 Separation and Purification in the Continuous Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
4 Flow Photochemistry in Organic Synthesis
5 Electrosynthesis in Continuous Flow
6 Hazardous Reagents in Continuous-Flow Chemistry
7 Very Fast Reactions and Extreme Conditions
8 Gaseous Reagents in Continuous-Flow Synthesis
9 Immobilized Reagents and Multistep Processes
10 Intermolecular Transition-Metal-Catalyzed C-C Coupling Reactions in Continuous Flow
11 Immobilized Catalysts for Asymmetric Reactions
12 Pushing the Limits of Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis with Continuous Flow
13 The Controlled Synthesis of Carbohydrates
14 Continuous-Flow Syntheses of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
15 Flow Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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