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Secondary Rhinoplasty by the Global Masters


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781626236783
Publication Date: November 2016

FOUR STARS from Doody's Star Ratings™

HIGHLY COMMENDED by the BMA Medical Book Awards for Surgery!

Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging operations in aesthetic plastic surgery. Not only is it technically difficult as no two noses are the same, surgical decision making plays an absolutely critical part. Unpredictable post-operative healing, natural facial asymmetry, and high patient expectations lead to a high incidence of secondary (revision) operations. With contributions from a truly outstanding, international list of experts, this two-volume set covers operative principles and includes the personal techniques of nearly 50 experts. The books are liberally illustrated with color photos and artwork. Also included are the e-book version, as well as 13 hours of surgical video, presented in 120 tightly-edited clips and showcasing 30 full procedures.

Secondary rhinoplasty requires a vast amount of sophistication and surgical skill...This book was created out of the desire to fill a much needed void in this area. With over 70 authorities contributing to the book, it succeeds in fulfilling its goals. -- Doody's Book Review (Score: 95)

We believe in the saying 'practice makes perfect' as well as that deep knowledge, solid experience, well-developed skills, good insight, and steady judgment are critical to success in any endeavor...the two editors of this book have such qualities. -- BIZ INDIA

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