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Applied Oral Physiology

The Integration of Sciences in Clinical Dentistry


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781684201792
Publication Date: May 2020

Unique textbook presents and integrates dental sciences essential for the practice of dentistry

Applied Oral Physiology: The Integration of Sciences in Clinical Dentistry by prosthodontist, biologist, and educator Robin Wilding integrates basic science topics traditionally taught separately, enabling readers to understand the interconnected relationship between the scientific and clinical aspects of dentistry. On the broadest level, this well-researched, readable, and easy-to-study book brings together related elements of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Integration of these areas helps students comprehend the different elements of dental science, thereby improving their ability to understand and treat patient problems. For example, understanding how saliva influences oral health is vital information every dentist needs to know.

Key Features

  • An introduction to the structure and related function of teeth and oral soft tissues
  • The relationship between oral ecology and biofilms, dental caries, nutrition, and mucosal immunity
  • Discussion of clinical and neurogenic pain in context with functions including taste, reflexes, mastication, swallowing, and speech
  • A balanced presentation of TMJ dynamics including the role that physical and psychosocial factors play in dysfunction
  • Content considered to be non-essential is presented in appendices at the end of the book, placing the focus on need-to-know information

Topics such as the oral cavity environment, cellular interactions, the extracellular matrix, and bone physiology are covered in one highly relevant resource for clinical dental practice, making this the quintessential text for undergraduate dentistry students.

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1. The Origins of Teeth
2. Dental Hard Tissues
3. Oral Mucosa and Periodontium
4. The Ecology of the Oral Cavity
5. Cell Differentiation in Embryology and Repair
6. The Extracellular Matrix
7. The Physiology of Bone
8. Eruption, Occlusion, and Wear
9. The Temporomandibular Joint
10. Oral Sensations and Functions
11. Aging
Appendix A. The Origins of Teeth
Appendix B. Dental Hard Tissues
Appendix C. Oral Mucosa and the Periodontium
Appendix D. The Ecology of the Oral Cavity
Appendix E. Cell Interactions in Embryology and Repair
Appendix F. The Physiology of Bone
Appendix G. Oral Sensations and Functions
Appendix H. Endnotes
Glossary of Terms in Biology

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