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The Audiology Capstone

Research, Presentation, and Publication


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781604063592
Publication Date: April 2011

The Audiology Capstone: Research, Presentation, and Publication concisely presents the must-know information for completing every step of your Audiology Capstone Project. From choosing a research topic and mentor, to conducting the research and publishing the results, the authors provide you with the essential information for a productive and successful Capstone experience. Structured chronologically to parallel the Capstone's progression, each succinctly organized chapter includes bulleted lists for fast reference and call-out boxes that provide examples of database tables, as well as helpful reminders about audiology equipment and software.


  • A realistic assessment of the research process from multiple perspectives, including AuD students, librarians, researchers, clinicians, and faculty
  • The final chapter, written by a student, details that individual's Capstone experience after following all the research methods and strategies presented within the text
  • Additional sections help you select a mentor, submit a proposal to an IRB, and understand copyright laws
  • Numerous chapters contain step-by-step information about different research databases, and screenshots of the databases that shows you how to use the numerous databases to find the best possible evidence

This comprehensive textbook details all of the necessary components of an Audiology Capstone for AuD students, researchers, clinicians, and instructors.

Section I: Preparing for the Capstone
Chapter 1. Introduction to Research
Chapter 2. Importance of Research
Chapter 3. Ethics of Research
Chapter 4. Organization of the Research Project
Chapter 5. Finding a Research Topic
Chapter 6. Finding a Mentor and Mentoring
Chapter 7. Submitting the Project to the IRB
Section II: Finding and Evaluating Research
Chapter 8. Introduction to Databases
Chapter 9. Electronic Databases for Searching the Literature
Chapter 10. Types of Literature
Chapter 11. Historical Literature
Chapter 12. Keywords
Chapter 13. Access to Full-Text Materials
Chapter 14. Searching the Literature
Chapter 15. Performing a Quality Search and Critical Appraisal of the Literature
Chapter 16. Tracking Research
Section III: Research Design and Referencing
Chapter 17. Research Design and Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 18. Research Questions
Chapter 19. Validity, Reliability, and Reducing Instrumentation Threat to Internal Validity
Chapter 20. Acknowledgment and Referencing Using Endnotes® Version X3 and RefWorks®
Section IV: From Presentation to Publication
Chapter 21. Procedures to Submit Student or Clinical Research for Poster or Research Podium Presentation
Chapter 22. Tips for Presenting at Professional Meetings
Chapter 23. The Publishing Process: Submitting a Work to a Journal
Chapter 24. Understanding Copyright
Chapter 25. Author Rights
Chapter 26. Strategies to Enhance Your Impact as an Author
Chapter 27. Completing the Research Project: One Student's Experience

Praise for this book:

"The authors have achieved an extensive presentation of information on each phase of a research project, from the development of the project idea to submission of the project for publication, and all aspects in between. The text is well-written and the supplemental materials complement the text well. Overall, after reading this book, students and beginning researchers will find themselves highly prepared for their upcoming research project, including those elements they may not have previously anticipated." -- Elizabeth M. Adams, Ph.D., Ear and Hearing, 2012

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