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The Practice of Mammography

Pathology - Technique - Interpretation - Adjunct Modalities


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783131243713
Publication Date: October 2001

The most complete guide to radiological diagnosis of the breast.

Even with the advent of many new radiographic techniques, mammography remains the most important and effective method of breast examination available today. This outstanding guide, using anatomy and pathology as a starting point, gives you clear and accurate instructions on all facets of performing breast mammograms, from proper positioning to analyzing the findings.

In addition to mammography, this teaching guide focuses on the non-radiological aspects of breast carcinoma such as clinical diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, and risk factors. You'll also learn about screening methods to detect and avoid potential problems.

The instructive nature of this text makes it an excellent resource for students and residents. Radiologists and OB/GYN's who need a quick update or refresher will also appreciate its value. Here is the book that belongs on the shelves of every medical school library, residency program, and specialist's office!

1 Clinical Characteristics of Breast Cancer
2 Anatomy
3 Benign and Malignant Disorders of the Breast
4 Epidemiology and Treatment of Breast Cancer
5 Physical and Technical Aspects of Mammography
6 Positioning in Mammography
7 Supplemental and Advanced Examinations
8 Mammographic Findings and Their Interpretation
9 Breast Cancer Screening
10 Diagnosis of Breast Diseases in Males
11 Retrospective View of Diagnostic Radiology of the Breast

A beautiful textbook. . .very valuable. . .can be read with pleasure. . .it accurately discusses mammography and its related aspects and should be read and consulted by radiologists who dedicate themselves to this fascinating field, by the RTs who work with them. . .also a practical guide to a resident in radiology.'' --Journal of Clinical Imaging "A comprehensive book covering many aspects of breast disease...illustrations are beautifully done...thorough and excellent introduction to mammography...helpful to anyone who is starting out in the field." --American Journal of Roentgenology

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